Let’s reshape the hunger relief sector in Minnesota

Volunteer your skills

 FFEN relies on skilled pro-bono volunteers to offer pragmatic, no-cost consultation to food shelves adapting their services to meet their community needs.

How You Can Help

Project Manager

Use your project management skills to help develop the scope of a local food shelf’s project and provide vital support to ensure that the project stays on track and meets the food shelf’s needs.

Data Analyst

Be directly involved in creating a Food Sourcing Analysis report which uses data to drive strategic decision making at the food shelf level and effectively promotes more sustainable and stable operations.


Put your space planning skills to work alongside food shelf leadership to build more capacity in their space or process to better serve their shoppers.


Utilize your writing skills to develop effective storytelling techniques that share the stories of FFEN, local food shelves and the changing hunger relief system.


Help ensure food shelves are equipped to effectively and consistently tell their story for a myriad of uses including communicating with community members and funders.


Use your expertise to support organizations that are addressing food access in the hunger relief system.

Learn More About How You Can Get Involved

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Join us for an Introduction to FFEN to learn how you can get involved in reshaping the hunger relief sector! Since 2013, FFEN has positively impacted nearly 200 food shelves in Minnesota; made possible by 80+ volunteers, individual and corporate donors, and other partners. This one-hour, zoom session will provide an overview of FFEN, as well as opportunities for how you can get involved!

FFEN has a uniquely collaborative and entrepreneurial culture that I really identify with. Perhaps most of all, being involved with FFEN brings the opportunity to drive transformation across an entire sector of Minnesota’s human services landscape.”


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