Though hunger relief is at the heart of all of FFEN’s work, at the end of the day the balance sheet still needs to balance. Thankfully, FFEN has the expertise of Mike to do just that.

Currently tax partner at LB Carlson, LLP (formerly known as Carlson Advisors LLC) his experience with closely-held family businesses and high-net-worth clients has prepared him well to serve as FFEN’s Board Treasurer. His work in the area of tax compliance, excellent communication skills, and commitment to building and maintaining long-term relationships make him an ideal fit for his role as FFEN’s treasurer. 

Mike supports FFEN’s work with an extensive array of skills including budgeting, accounting and tax compliance, payroll and employee benefits, all critical to FFEN’s operations. He understands the reporting needed so FFEN’s board, as well as their supporters, can feel assured that FFEN’s financial health is robust.

Working quietly behind the scenes to make positive impacts is what Mike has done throughout much of his career, and his role with FFEN is no different. He is making a difference for those experiencing food insecurity, quietly and in the background, with most clients never knowing. And he is okay with that. His words say it all, “We don’t want the accolades, we just want to help!” 

In addition to Mike’s role at LB Carlson, he has served as Manager at Schechter Dokken Kanter, and worked as a CPA at Charles Bailly. He holds a B.A. and CPA-Accounting degrees from Saint John’s University in Collegeville, MN

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