Hernan Rojas understands the socio-economic impacts of issues like hunger and poverty. And, through his own lived experience as an immigrant from Venezuela, he is on a mission to tackle these barriers to accessing life-sustaining resources, particularly for marginalized individuals in the metro area and our immigrant communities. 

Currently serving as a Senior Product Manager for Walmart Health, overseeing the implementation of healthcare products and clinics across the country. Hernan’s scope of work focuses on rural communities with limited access to healthcare, communities for which social determinants are a major driver of health outcomes. By sharing his operational and financial expertise with FFEN’s Board of Directors, Hernan looks to expand his scope of impact into the huger relief sector as a social determinant of health. 

“Becoming a FFEN board member has been the single most impactful contribution I’ve made towards bettering my community,” shared Hernan.

Hernan previously served as a Product Manager at UnitedHealth Group, ensuring clinical and financial performance of several Institutional Special Needs Plan products. Prior, Hernan was the Group Facility Administrator for DaVita Dialysis, overseeing clinical and financial operations for two large clinics in downtown St. Paul, Hernan’s connection to the immigrant community runs deep. And it’s not just a connection to the Hispanic community with whom he shares a language, but to individuals from all backgrounds as they struggle to overcome barriers to having their basic needs met. 

Hernan received the first-ever CityMD Kindness in Action Award for enacting patient-care coordination under life-threatening circumstances to help save the life of an elderly at-risk patient in August 2015.

Hernan has a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare from Baruch College (City University of New York), Zicklin School of Business and a Bachelor of Science—Health Services Administration from University of Central Florida in Orlando.

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