Christine Page, FFEN’s Community Engagement Manager for the last year, has accepted a new position with another well-respected nonprofit in the Twin Cities and her last day at FFEN will be Wednesday, October 25th. Christine has been a great addition to the FFEN team over the last year! We are sad to see her go and also excited for her next chapter and the positive impact that she will have in another mission-driven organization.

Christine’s intentional and relational work has strengthened FFEN’s skilled volunteer program and also deepened relationships with key partners that can further support the hunger relief sector across the state. During her tenure, our volunteers have engaged in new and exciting ways with food shelves and internally with the FFEN staff. Christine truly brought the right combination of positive spirit, can-do attitude, and genuine relationship care that we needed for the first person to fill the Community Engagement Manager role. Thank you!

Christine shared the following as she reflects on this transition:

I still remember first learning about FFEN and being struck at the brilliance of a concept that would leverage the professional expertise of volunteers to support such a critical need in our communities – food shelves. Having come from a Corporate Social Responsibility background, I had my fair share of different volunteer experiences but FFEN’s impact felt really significant to driving change and my interest was piqued. 

Over the past 14 months, my admiration for my FFEN colleagues and all of our volunteers has only continued to grow. Nearly every day, I see the ways in which our volunteers show up and genuinely embrace FFEN’s core values. The hunger relief sector is complex and, to be honest, it’s not always a neat and tidy volunteer experience but you remain committed and dedicated to supporting this work.

I’ve truly enjoyed being able to get to know and partner with so many of you. As I transition to my next chapter, I will carry with me so many fond memories of my time at FFEN. 

One of my favorite quotes is from Paul Wellstone and it simply states: “We all do better when we all do better.”.  Thank you for demonstrating this through your commitment to FFEN and I look forward to watching the ways in which FFEN continues to make a difference in hunger relief.

If you’d like to share a note of appreciation with Christine, you can email her at until Wednesday, October 25th or join us at the Fall FFEN-Fest event that evening to chat with her in person.

After October 25th, please email for any follow-up.

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